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Wallace Foundation Granted $765,000 to Louisville
Foundation: Wallace Foundation, Wallace Foundation, Wallace Foundation, Wallace Foundation

The New York-based Wallace Foundation has awarded a $765,000 grant to the city of Louisville in an effort to implement an initiative called YouthPrint. The YouthPrint movement is specifically...more

574 Scholarships Given Away by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation
Foundation: Grand Rapids Community Foundation

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation has awarded 574 out of 1,877 scholarship grants totaling $844,250 this year to freshmen college students. Almost half of the scholarship grants were awarded...more

Overview on The Righteous Mind
Foundation: Ford Foundation

Emily Esfahani Smith gives a good overview on the happiness psychologist's Jonathan Haidt's new book, The Righteous Mind, in her story posted at the Washington Times this week. Haidt's and Martin...more

“This is going to make us stronger:” Fundraising for Kalamazoo
Foundation: Battle Creek Community Foundation, Kalamazoo Community Foundation

Kalamazoo had experienced a shooting incident in which several people were shot, and a fundraiser was taking place in order to help with those that were shot, or for their families affected by the...more

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Social Enterprise Fenugreen Distributes ‘Miracle Paper’ Inspired by Grandma

Social Enterprise Fenugreen Distributes ‘Miracle Paper’ Inspired by Grandma

Kavita Shukla founded Fenugreen, a social enterprise established at addressing global food supply spoilage with a simple innovation, Freshpaper, a paper infused with edible, organic botanical extracts, a product inspired by her grandmother.

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