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African Philanthropy Forum driving systems change in Africa

Mott Foundation, Dalberg and Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. “The role of system thinking is to get us out of the trap...more

Mott Foundation grants will support the pride, creativity in Flint neighborhoods
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

And now, thanks to $1 million in grants from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, they'll have an influx of resources to support a variety of...more

Top eight ways to spend $1 million in Flint announced by Mott Foundation

Offer a home improvement loan/grant fund for home repairs and upgrades. 197 votes | $161,878; Take down properties that have been burned....more

University of the Witwatersrand, Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment, 2018-03645

Past support has enabled the center to conduct research on several topics related to African philanthropy, develop curriculum for the academic...more

Kansas Association of Community Foundations, Raising Awareness and Educating US Community ...

A Mott Foundation sponsorship will support a panel of experts and community foundation practitioners at the conference's opening plenary as well...more

COVID-19 Community Relief Funds raised more than $1 billion across US, research led by Lilly ...
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Other foundations and philanthropic funders can identify gaps they may be ... of Philanthropy research projects examining Americans'...more

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation seeks community's input for $1M initiative to improve ...
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

As part of the foundation's Focus on Flint initiative, $1 million in grants will be ... In November, Mott announced it would grant the funding to...more

Mott Foundation asks Flint residents how it should distribute $1M in grants

In November, the foundation announced it would give $1 million in grants in 2020 to strengthen Flint neighborhoods. Now residents have...more

The importance of being a part of something greater than ourselves
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Community Foundation of Greater Flint, Ruth Mott Foundation

Nationally, philanthropic organizations have taken the lead in tackling the ... “For nonprofits, there's a culture of philanthropy that goes beyond...more

Illustrative Grants from Mott Foundation

Flint Institute of Arts - $84,000

Wisconsin Wetlands Association - $90,000

Illinois Center for Violence Prevention - $225,000

Center for Community Change - $85,000

Hatcher Group - $220,000

Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation - $225,000

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - $170,000

Collaborative Communications Group - $200,000

Epstein & Fass Associates - $42,000

Collaborative Communications Group - $100,000

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Harvard Law School Welcomes Social Enterprise

Harvard Law School Welcomes Social Enterprise

The Social Enterprise Law Association (SELA), founded by Bea Hinton and Thea Sebastian, is a student-led organization at Harvard Law School designed to connecting the rift between the private and public sectors, while offering a space for students to transform their ideas into initiatives by applying their newfound legal skills to build meaningful careers.

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