Association for Psychosocial Help and Development of Voluntary Work Grant

Organization - Association for Psychosocial Help and Development of Voluntary Work
Grant Amount - $60,000
Foundation - Mott Foundation
Grant Purpose - The project goal is to develop and promote volunteerism and public participation in community life in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Southeast Europe. Through its Centre for Development and Promotion of Voluntary Work, the Association for Psychosocial Help and Development of Voluntary Work endeavors to enable communities to address critical social needs by mobilizing human resources within the community. The association provides training to mentors who then work with volunteers in nongovernmental organizations, schools, and public institutions, and the association advocates for systemic and institutional changes and policy developments that encourage volunteerism. In 2006-2007, the association expanded the number of schools that run volunteer programs and successfully advocated for the inclusion of volunteerism in school curricula. In addition, the association increased volunteerism among elderly people and effectively introduced school-based volunteer programs that helped bridge ethnic divides. The association is based in Gracanica, Bosnia.

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